Who is Chatbot Hana????

Chatbot Hana is a platform where you can create your own A.I Chatbot for website and Facebook Fanpage without learning any programming classes.

By applying modern technology of Artificial Intelligence (A.I) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), Hana can automatically response to comments/inboxs/chatwebs from the scripts were taught. In the same time, the ability of creating funnel and nurturing will help you to create an effective marketing campaigns with 0 VND and make orders easier as well as completely automatic.

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With the advanced A.I technology platform, Hana is an application that automatically responds to messages on the Website and Facebook Fan page. Hana can be considered as a virtual assistant to help businesses save time, money, … and many other benefits. Let take a look at the main benefits that Hana brings!

Customer consultants available 24/7 immediately

With Hana, your customers are supported instantly at all times. For example, with the question “Are there no shipping fees?”. You can train Hana to answer this question automatically, then the staff will have time to focus on dealing with more complex issues.

Increasing online sales and creating the orders automatically

Hana can increase online sales. As the first contact and customer consultation, Hana helps improve the rate of purchase decision by the auto-dialogue for new customers.

Nurturing LEADs and increasing the conversion rate of orders

You will be no longer afraid to miss LEADs. With these customers, Hana automatically personalises and nurtures client using scripts and knowledge that you have taught. It will increase the conversion rate of orders.

Automation and Scale Expansion

Hana automatically integrates the marketing with sales, creates professional processes, and reduces personnel and middleware costs, facilitating scale expansion.The business does not need to worry about operation and organization personnel.


Creating funnels for sales automatically and intelligently

With the Vietnamese natural language processing technology, Hana automatically groups customers while processing speech and analysis of customer behaviour. Hana can bring potential customers from the channels into the 24/7 automated care and interaction right on the Website and Facebook Messenger of a fan page.

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Inbound Marketing 0 VND

Send a useful message to the masses of potential customers on Facebook Messenger completely free.

Intelligent messages contain valuable content about the issues related to the product of the business that the customer is interested. The value of the message is seen at the 90% of the Messenger open rate. This is an excellent channel for interacting with customers.

Note: Do not over-use this function to spam customers and need to comply with Facebook rules.


HANA coordinates with staff to care and sell automatically on Facebook, Website 24/7

Hana is trained to response automatically comment/Inbox/Chatweb on Facebook Fanpage and Website, so you will be no longer afraid of missing any orders or potential customers.

If Hana cannot answer, staff can coordinate with Hana by participating in the conversation (pickup chat) only in one tool.

Live chat

Chatbot Training

Fanpage Integration

Basic CRM


Website Integration


Scan all the old customers, listen automatically and group new customers then take clients into auto-care campaigns.

Live Chat

Coordinate with Hana to manage and take care of customers in only one software. Staffs can support customers instead of Hana when she cannot response.


Build up scripts to take care of the particular groups of customer automatically on Facebook Messenger with intelligent messages (Marketing 0 VND).

A.I Chatbot

Hana has the ability of self-learning in the process of listening and interacting with customers. Therefore, Hana will be more intelligent and response better.

Who use Chatbot Hana?

Let Chatbot Hana support and accompany with your business



4 M


100 M




Typical Customers


(810,302 liked)

Minh Thư Shoe Shop

(640,589 liked)


(15.000 user)

Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange

(10.000 user)

Mum’s Shop

(469,099 liked)

38o Flowers

(1,203,992 liked)


(143,502 liked)

Denim Store

(265,342 liked)

What did media say about Chatbot Hana?

Customer Care and Management – Increase productivity

Automate Sales and Marketing Activities

How did customers evaluate about Chatbot Hana?

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HANA.AI is the platform to create free completely Chatbot

We built HANA.AI

To help automate your business operations. You do not need to know about programming as well as pay any cost to experience the product


(Note: You just have to pay fee when you want to use functions in the ADVANCED version)

  • Tiêu Chuẩn
    • Miễn phí trọn đời
      • Trả lời FAQ thông minh và tự động 24/7
      • Không giới hạn tài khoản & phòng ban sử dụng
      • Không giới hạn lượt chat đồng thời
      • Quản lý, chủ động & tự động Chat/Inbox/Comment với khách hàng không giới hạn
      • Tích hợp Website và Fanpage
      • (Số lượng có hạn)

    • Đăng Ký Ngay
Best choice
  • Cao Cấp
    • Chỉ 499K / Tháng (Thanh toán 2017 chỉ còn 199K/Tháng)
      • Không giới hạn số lượng thuê bao
      • Đầy đủ tính năng gói “TIÊU CHUẨN”
      • Tự động thu thập thông tin khách hàng (nếu cho phép)
      • Phân loại và phân nhóm khách hàng tiềm năng tự động
      • Re-Marketing tự động tới trực tiếp từng khách hàng theo lịch định kỳ – chuỗi tiến trình chăm sóc
      • Tự động lên đơn hàng sau khi tư vấn
      • Đào tạo HANA theo bài post riêng, hashtag(#) để sử dụng trong nhiều bài post khác nhau
      • Trả lời bình luận (comment) thông minh trên Fanpage tự động/chủ động 24/7
      • (Ưu đãi “Đăng ký và thanh toán 2017” chỉ còn 199k/Tháng)

    • Đăng Ký
  • Đặc Biệt
    • Chỉ từ 999 k/Tháng (phí phần mềm)(chưa bao gồm phí triển khai)
      • Đầy đủ tính năng gói “CAO CẤP”
      • Tư vấn bán hàng theo quy trình, nắm bắt nhu cầu, thu thập thông tin khách hàng tự động 24/7
      • Tự động tạo đơn hàng & nhu cầu cụ thể
      • Tự động tạo lead khách hàng tiềm năng sau tư vấn
      • Trả lời bình luận (comment) thông minh trên Fanpage tự động/chủ động 24/7
      • Dễ dàng tích hợp API và thay đổi phần mềm theo yêu cầu nghiệp vụ của khách hàng
      • Tích hợp Website và Fanpage
      • (Giảm 15% đăng ký ngay hôm nay)

    • Liên Hệ

Kéo thanh trượt để chi phí tương ứng số lượng khách hàng (user) chăm sóc Remarketing trong tháng

Gói 100 User
> 20k user, 79đ = 1 user

Each partner is a companion and brand representative who bring the technological value of A.I Chatbot Hana as well as solution about Marketing and automatic Sales to other customers. Moreover, each partner can receive up to 50% commission that helps them to generate a large amount of lifetime income.

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The young and dynamic team, who has over 10 experienced years in the field of technology, especially Artificial Intelligence (AI), accompany with Marketing experts, we hope to bring to you and your business more significant value about the automatic sale and marketing online.

AI Technology0
Marketing & Content Marketing0
Mr. Hai

Over 10 experienced years about management and operation

Mr. Kien

Over 10 experienced years about management and research, especially in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Mr. Hieu

Research and AI programming experts with over 5 experienced years

Mrs. Hong Mai

CEO Tam Anh Invest Co. JSC and over 20 years of experience in financial


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Let us help you to create an AI Chatbot for your own!

Our mission is to make Chatbot Hana as easy as possible for anyone to create their own AI Chatbot. However, sometime you want to have a special caring service, so we built a community of exchanges and authentic partner networks for you.



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